About us


Joint Stock Company Construction Design Consulting and TTNT TPL - TPL DESIGN was established with the mission of "Construction of quality assurance, reasonable investment budget and aesthetic requirements".

We - the founding members of TPL Design - with many years of experience in the fields: Consulting, Design, Project Management, Construction Supervision, Directly organizing construction ... .. have been challenged and verify through small to large projects such as: Luxury Apartments, Townhouses, Villas, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts from 3 stars or more.

Trust, Accuracy, Honesty and Fairness are the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics that TPL Design is committed to absolutely comply with during the implementation of projects that customers trust.

The spirit of innovation, effort and creativity goes hand in hand with the application of scientific management process, advanced construction technology, new materials ... the team of Architects, Engineers, Technicians, and Public employees TPL Design Company is completely confident to meet the highest requirements and expectations of customers.